Pesto Goat Cheese Veggie Bowl

Recipe by Kelsey Russell-Murray



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This veggie bowl is delicious and so hearty it will satisfy even the largest appetites. This pesto goat cheese veggie bowl is a gut health superstar and is loaded with high fibre ingredients like farro, arugula, peppers, zucchini, and tomatoes. Nutty and nutrient-dense farro provides the base of this dish. Add plenty of veggies to boost the antioxidant and fibre content and then top with a rich and creamy pesto goat cheese and sweet balsamic glaze for the perfect flavour combination. This nutrition-packed nourish bowl comes together in around 30-minutes and is a great option for healthy weeknight meals or lunches. Ingredients can easily be substituted for whatever vegetables and whole grain you have on hand, making this a great flexible meal option.


  1. 1

    Preheat the oven to 425° Fahrenheit.

  2. 2

    Prepare the farro. Rinse farro under cool water. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add strained farro and reduce heat to medium-high and cook uncovered until soft, about 30 minutes. Strain.

  3. 3

    Add peppers, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes to a parchment-lined baking sheet. Top veggies with avocado oil, salt, and pepper, then toss to combine. Roast on the middle rack of the over for 15-minutes, until tender.

  4. 4

    Add pesto and goat cheese to a medium bowl and stir to combine.

  5. 5

    To serve, divide farro equally between two bowls. Top farro with roasted veggies, arugula, and pesto goat cheese. Drizzle with balsamic glaze and squeeze over a lemon wedge, if desired. Best served fresh. Enjoy!

  6. 6

    Substitutions: Substitute arugula for another leafy green of your choice. Kale or spinach would work well. Swap suggested vegetables for other veggies of your choosing, such as eggplant, broccoli or asparagus. • Substitute balsamic glaze for a different salad dressing if you prefer. Omit pesto and serve goat cheese plain.

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