We are a new kind of online recipe website geared toward diets, allergies, illnesses and conditions. We have a hand-crafted filtering system of over 900 ingredients and over 40 conditions, —thoughtfully put together by our team of nutritionists.

Filling the gap between recipes and nutrition.

Our Founder Meredith Holbrook was inspired when her father was diagnosed with cancer in 2019. While researching the best food options for her fathers diagnosis Meredith encountered a large web of contradictory information spread across many sources.

Rily was born to fill the gap that she found in the online information. A place where the family or person affected by an illness could find clear information and delicious recipes to help their diagnoses and really enjoy what they are eating and cooking from licensed nutritionists.

In the chaos of illnesses, there is one thing a person can control and that is nutrition.

Meet our team

Meredith Holbrook

Founder & CEO


Hi, I'm Meredith Holbrook – Founder & CEO

While I’ve always loved to cook - my professional background began in photojournalism. I’ve spent a good chunk of my life working with humanitarian aid organizations; traveling, learning about different cultures and enjoying a few good meals along the way!

I moved back to my hometown of Toronto in 2017, and soon after, my Father was diagnosed with cancer. Cooking with nutrition in mind quickly became a central priority.

I’ve always been passionate about feeding those I love, gathering together, and making sure everyone would be included no matter their dietary restriction. However, when researching the best food options for my Father’s diagnoses, I found myself flooded by the web of contradictory information. There was a serious lack of reliable sites when it came to treating ailments with proper nutrition.

Not only did I want to figure out what cancer patients should, and shouldn’t eat, I also wanted to find recipes that he would enjoy. Recipes that would take his mind off of his illness, and not make him feel like he was on a diet. I wanted our meals to be a happy time where we could sit in the present and create memories.\n\nWhen he passed, I was devastated - but the emotions that overwhelmed me were the same ones that propelled me to create what we now know of as Rily.

People get diagnosed with life-altering ailments every day. I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t an accessible tool to help them navigate their nutrition. Something that could give them and their loved ones comfort – that through the chaos, there is one thing that is in their control: food.

Carly Nadine

Herbalist Nutritionist & Wellness Consultant


Hi, I'm Carly Nadine – Herbalist Nutritionist & Wellness Consultant

My focus is on how lifestyle, nutrition, and the use of healing herbs can bring back balance to your body. My specialty is in healing the relationship between the gut and mind. I have helped countless clients with ailments ranging from poor digestion to stress and anxiety, as well as restoring energy and vitality.

Damien Zielinski

Functional Medicine Practitioner


Hi, I'm Damien Zielinski – Functional Medicine Practitioner

While my clinical practice uses functional lab testing, natural supplements, and 21st-century lifestyle hacks to get to the root of chronic complex health conditions, my background in holistic nutrition makes sure that whole foods and dietary augmentations are at the heart of every single protocol. I bring scientific rigor, attention to detail, and powered research skills to the Rily team.

Dani Weins

Rily Kitchen Manager


Hi, I'm Dani Weins – Rily Kitchen Manager

Dani has been interested in nutrition since she was a child, and had her first experiences with diet-related health issues. This introduction sparked a passion that culminated in formal education and in 2018 she graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Since then she has focused on working in the food industry as a recipe developer, menu designer, copywriter, and nutrition consultant. Dani continues to work with food, bringing her personal perspective on nutrition to all she does.

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