Thai Inspired Butternut Squash Soup

Recipe by Jaclyn Irwin






Serves 06

This cozy Thai flavoured butternut squash soup is perfect for cooler temps and loaded with veggies and healthy fats.


  1. 1

    In a large dutch oven, heat the oil over medium heat. Once hot, add the onion, ginger, garlic and red pepper flakes. Cook for 5 to 6 minutes, stirring often until the onions are soft and translucent.

  2. 2

    Add the squash and curry paste and mix well. Then add the vegetable broth. Reserve about ¼ cup of the coconut milk for drizzling over the soup for garnish and then add the rest to the pot.

  3. 3

    Bring to a boil, and then reduce the heat lower to a simmer. Cook for 12 to 14 minutes, until the squash is tender. Add the lime juice.

  4. 4

    Working in batches, carefully transfer some of the soup into a blender and blend until smooth. It’s best to let the hot air escape while blending, so remove the centre piece of the top of the blender and place a kitchen towel over top while letting some of the heat escape.

  5. 5

    Portion into bowls, and garnish with reserved coconut milk, cilantro and sesame seeds. Enjoy!

  6. 6

    Substitutions: No butternut squash: use a similar squash. No fresh ginger: use dried, reduce the amount to about ½ tsp. No green curry: use red curry. No vegetable broth: use water, or use chicken broth.

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