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Lightened Up Kale Caesar Salad

Recipe by Jaclyn Irwin






This kale caesar salad is loaded with healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It makes the perfect snack, appetizer or addition to your favourite meal!


  1. 1

    Place the cashews in a medium sized bowl and cover with just boiled water. Let soak for at least one hour, then drain and rinse.

  2. 2

    Add the cashews to a blender along with 1/4 cup of water, olive oil, lemon juice, dijon mustard, nutritional yeast, capers, tamari, anchovy and salt and pepper. Blend on high until smooth and creamy.

  3. 3

    Thinly slice kale and onion and add to a large salad bowl. Pour the dressing over and mix well to combine. Top with hemp seeds and more nutritional yeast if desired. Serve and enjoy!

  4. 4

    Substitutions: No anchovy, omit. No hemp seeds, omit or replace with sunflower seeds. No nutritional yeast, omit but it will be missing that cheesy flavour.

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